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Give 1 or 2 hours at a kettle this July 10 through July 18 to help us continue with our mission.
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*At this time, we are currently not accepting online volunteer registrations. Please call our Volunteer Hotline shown above for information on how you can assist us.

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The Salvation Army of Dane County
3030 Darbo Drive
Madison, WI 53714

You Make a Difference

Active Volunteers: 6073 | Register Here
Volunteer Groups: 311 | Request a Group

Here's just a few of our recently registered volunteers...
Ron, McFarland | 7/17/2015
Sara, Verona | 7/16/2015
Nicole, Arena | 7/15/2015

Top Ten Reasons To Volunteer
1. To help those in need
2. To help others in Dane County
3. To feel good by volunteering
4. To learn about others
5. To get me out of the house
6. To show that I do care
7. To feel connected
8. To take a break from my job
9. To make new friends
10. To support my friends


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